Shaking Hands

Did you know?  Every day, more than 1,800 net new women-owned businesses are added to the list of  "women-led businesses”

Women control nearly 2/3 of global household spending and the buying power of women is on the rise!


Your organization can benefit from Konnecting through us, a company of women, helping other women.  Meet entrepreneurs where they are and with what they need! Women business owners are eager for support in marketing- related activities, software solutions for their industry specific business, getting their companies off the ground and raising capital.

Savvy companies and organizations are paying attention to the needs and goals of women business owners.  Are you interested in fulfilling a very sizable market opportunity?

We are a lead generating machine for this market. We'll showcase your product and introduce your company, Konnecting with thousands of women business owners and decision makers. If you are interested on partnering with us, we'd love to hear from you and chat more!

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