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Sure, by now you've heard that North49 is a participant at Tek Konnect 2020 but just how well do you know them? Do you know the type of products they have to offer, such as installation and support of SAGE300 and SAGE Intacct,a mid market Sage ERP line of enterprise management and accounting applications primarily serving small and medium-sized businesses?

Did you know that in addition to SAGE300, they also do custom development for Sage CRM customers as requested through their Sage Partner and that they also publish an integrated ecommerce solution for Sage 300 that can include, a web store, a Customer Portal, and a salesperson portal, and any combination of those?

What about the fact that they have been in the Industry for over 30 years? Do you know where they are located? ..


Who, what, where? We're putting your knowledge to the test by presenting you with 12 extraordinary reasons to get to know North49 on a more familiar level and learn more about their amazing trajectory in the ever changing technological industry, their passion for creating complete custom solutions for their customers and their recommendations for the new generations entering this amazing world of technology.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Grajczyk, VP of Sales who talked to us more about what North49 is all about, their business success, vision, their background and what you can expect to see at Tek Konnect in Phoenix, AZ, March 24th, 2020.

A series of questions where the answers did not disappoint!

Name & Title?

Peter Grajczyk, VP Sales

What is North49?

North49 is a Sage 300 Solution Provider, a Sage Development Partner, a Sage CRM Solution Provider, and a Sage Intacct Partner. We have a staff of consultants, web developers and application developers that work to create complete solutions for our customers and other Sage Partner’s customers.

What type of services/products does North49 offer and what future products do you want the public to know about?

We install and support Sage 300 and Sage Intacct for our customers. We do custom development for Sage 300 and Sage CRM customers as requested through their Sage Partner. We publish an integrated ecommerce solution for Sage 300 that can include, a web store, a Customer Portal, and a salesperson portal, and any combination of those.

Where is North49 located?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

How did North49 begin?

The principals of North49 have been involved in the Sage world for more than 30 years. There are 2 owners. One has been a Development Partner for that time and the other a Sage 300 consultant. About 15 or so years ago they joined forces to become a full-service provider for Sage 300 customers and partners.

Over the years we have developed many products for Sage 300 which Sage has subsequently purchased and included as part of the core Sage 300 product. In fact. North49 wrote some of them into the Sage 300 source code.

Can you share an interesting fact about you or your company (Something not many people know about)?

North49 is likely the only company, outside of Sage, who has had access to the Sage 300 source code because of our work with Sage to integrate our products that Sage purchased.

What is your favorite part about your company/job?

As a Development Partner we work exclusively through the Sage Channel. That allows us to meet and get to know other Sage Solution Providers and help them better serve their customers. We also get to travel frequently, which is nice.

What advice would you provide a business owner looking into implementing a webstore to integrate with their existing SAGE300 system?

Do your homework before you commit to a solution. Too often we come across companies that just spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new web store then come to us looking to integrate it to Sage. That’s not how it works. We build the web store on our platform with the integration as an integral part of the design and development. It’s not just a plug-in. Have the conversation with us so you know the pros and cons whether or not you choose to go with us. At least you’ll be informed and can make an educated decision.

What are the main key factors people need to know about your product that has helped your company become successful?

Having a web store that’s integrated to your back-office accounting has several benefits to the merchant and their customers.

Products are automatically made available on the web store and kept up-to-date through our integration. Saves time on maintenance and eliminates errors.

In a B2B environment, customers get their pricing and terms as negotiated and setup in Sage. That makes for a better, more personalized experience.

Orders automatically end up in Sage for fulfillment. Again, saves time and eliminates errors.

That’s just a few of the big wins. There are many more.

Is your product subscription based or can people purchase a perpetual copy?

Customers can choose to make a capital purchase for the initial development or opt for a subscription to minimize the upfront cost. In both cases there is a monthly Managed Services component that covers hosting their site in our data centers, tech support, updates and upgrades, data storage, data transfer, and backups.

In your opinion, why is it important for people to attend Tek Konnect ISV roadshow and other technology related events?

Tek Konnect brings together several top ISVs from the Sage ecosystem. It’s inexpensive compared to other events, and condenses a lot of learning into a single day. You’ll learn about solutions that can improve productivity, visibility, increase sales, and generally run your business more effectively. And it gets you out of the office for the day with a free lunch and cocktails.

You have been in the industry for over 30 years, with your vast and ample experience, what advice would you provide to the new generation entering the Technology World?

Fasten your seatbelt because things are changing quickly. More quickly now than ever before. IoT and machine learning are changing the landscape such that some careers that we see today won’t exist in the not too distant future. Being part of that technological change will make you an invaluable resource.

If you wish to transform your business and keep in touch with Peter, contact North49, a proud sponsor at Tek Konnect 2020, Phoenix AZ

The Kright Konnection is excited to konnect you with Peter and the rest of the equally amazing ISV's participating at Tek Konnect 2020.

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