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Trust impacts our happiness, our financial success and our ability to live our lives to the fullest. According to Forbes magazine, in the US alone, trust is a hard thing to come by and a study in 2018 showed that only 1/3 of Americans trust other people.

How does this affect women entrepreneurs, women business owners and women in the technology world in a mostly male dominated business world? The decline in trust damages the growth and prosperity in business but in contrast, when there is high trust, profits increase accordingly and costs are reduced.

As a rule, women tend to be more trusting than men. In fact, the most successful negotiators have traditionally been women. We are not saying that men are not successful at closing deals, but there is a higher tendency to trust women rather than their male counterparts and this is likely due to the tendency to display higher levels of trust and empathy.

A recent research shows that with the growing makeup, perfume, fashion and household item industry expanding tremendously, women are more naturally prone to approaching life in a SMARTnership manner.

In most relationships (babysitter, friend, loyal customer, business associate) a woman collaborates with her counterpart to gather information, offer insight on the situation and then works cooperatively towards desirable outcomes, both short-term and into the future. Clearly such an arrangement and natural approach would GREATLY improve and benefit the way in which you are currently doing business.

In commerce there will always be varying levels of company success and prosperity. Considering women's relatively high levels of trust and empathy, shouldn't there be a more noticeable impact, as more women enter the executive strata of the business world?

The female empowering movement continues to grow stronger in global proportions. Women getting together, networking and supporting one another has continually proven to expand at a higher rate in business growth and those numbers are escalating rapidly.

Keep in mind, women hold jobs and care for the families, too. In U.S families, the man is typically still considered the head of a household – but the fact is, the woman is very often and most likely the one who manages the budget and in reality, women are controlling nearly 2/3 of global household spending and the buying power is on the rise!

Savvy companies and organizations are paying attention to the needs and goals of women business owners and women negotiation skills.

As a male business owner, wouldn't it make sense to acquire more female talent and decision makers within your organization?

Are you all fired up but not sure where to begin? Konnect with us for starters, we are a company of women with full access to other women entrepreneurs and women business owners konnecting female decision makers to the right business solutions.

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